Your Opinion

Hello Keith,
This was the first organized sports activity my son has ever followed through until the end.
Erik had a blast and learned some very important skills.
The instructor was sincere but not harsh; my son listened intently to every thing he said.
Thanks for a fun, learning experience.
                            -R. Femrite
                             Leesburg, VA


Coach Keith,

I just wanted you to know how much Robert enjoyed and profited from his class with you.  His interest in basketball has markedly increased thanks to the skill level he attained (His father who loves the game is particularly happy).  So thank you very much. 


M. Bentley




My son’s 11-12 Turnpike basketball team, the Wizards, won the championship game on  Sunday  afternoon!  It was very exciting. He even made a Fade Away shot.  You had a part in it.   Thank you for all the excellent coaching this winter.  It made a difference.  My son was named most improved player on his team.

My younger son’s 5th-6th grade Mantua PTA basketball team finished #1 for the season.  He will play his first tournament game this weekend.  We will see if he will match his brother’s championship title.  He is feeling quite confident after working on his shooting and offensive techniques with you. 

My daughter’s girl’s 13-14 Turnpike basketball team finished the season very well in 2nd place but didn’t last long in the tournament.  She was pleased with her improved defensive moves after attending the winter basketball classes.

Again, thank you so much!  We will see you on the basketball court soon.

K. DeCarlo

This is a great way to build coordination and basketball skills. My daughter had a big growth spurt, so she felt awkward when she tried to play sports. This class is helping her to develop overall coordination and confidence. She is learning to move more quickly, change directions, and handle the ball much better. I’m sure she will become a stronger athlete because of this class.

My daughters thought it was great fun! They almost didn’t realize they were working.

A. Sullivan


The class was great. The coaches worked to accomodate different levels of ability and make sure that everyone learned and had a good time. They emphasized the kinds of fundamental skills that are not taught enough and that will really help my daughter’s game. And they made it positive and fun.

 P. Levy



My daughter had a great experience with the class on Saturday. You and Coach Thompson kept the learning environment positive and fun, while at the same time making sure the girls stayed focused…no easy task given the heat. The skills you taught in the class are definitely beyond the beginner level, and that’s what I wanted her exposed to. Even though she is still probably a year away, I wanted her to get a sense now of what coaching will be like at the higher level. I hope she will have coaches like you guys. Thanks for doing this for the girls.
K. Noca
Thanks so much for sponsoring the Basketball Skills Class on Saturday.

My daughters really enjoyed being there. I appreciated that you knew

their names right off the bat and gave each of them individual attention and

a chance to shine. It was also great that you kept the class moving. I was

glad that you were strict in the sense that you expected each girl to try

their hardest and participate. It was also really nice to hear all the

positive encouragement that my girls were given.
B. Tippets
 My daughter said she enjoyed learning with familiar FPYC faces. I love that during the summer months the girls are going to be learning useful skills and techniques to improve their basketball game. I have seen a lot of them growing up over the years, some that could not even dribble the ball when they first started to improving their hidden talents. The training of Keith and the Commissioner will hone in on actually knowing the game and conditioning which all of them will benefit from.

N. Crawford