Here are a list of players who have or are currently playing basketball at a higher level, and had a Training Session with Best Youth Hoops. To qualify a mention on the board, each player must have been any level of High School, AAU, Travel/Select, and All League.


Player Name Player Level
Abigail Cooch Travel
Aidan Pinchas AAU
Alex Frizat Select
Alina Williams High School JV
Ally Johnson High School Varsity
Ally O’Brien Select
Amelia Noca High School Varsity
Asher Tankel Select
Austin Belle Select
Bella Bray Select
Brie Bray Select
Brooke Bernhardt Select
Brooke Hite Select
Chingun Ganbold High School JV
Clara Bloedorn Select*
Cody Mains High School Varsity
Daniel Shen High School Freshman
Devin Babcock Select*
Devin Cuviello Select*
Dominique Webster High School Varsity
Eli Smolen Select
Elliott Stewart High School JV
Erika Rodgers High School Freshman
Ethan Do Select
Halley Beaudoin Select
Hannah Smith High School Freshman
Jayden Do Select
John DeCarlo High School JV
Jules Welch High School Freshman
Kaitlyn Shand High School Varsity
Kasey Kilts AAU
Katie Abt Select
Katie Sullivan Select
Kaylin Pretosh Select
Krista Rodgers Select
Lauren Ward AAU
Leila Thompson High School Varsity
Leroy Kironde Select
Mahmoud Bangura High School JV
Malik Walker High School  Varsity
Mary Sophia Clougherty College
Masoko Orlando Select
Miles Thompson High School JV
Navya Renati Select
Nelson Lattimer Select
Nigel Black Select*
Owen Hardiman High School Freshman
Paige Kilts High School Varsity
Patty Becker AAU
Phillip Tozier High School Varsity
Rachel Levy Select
Rachel Scherbenske Select*
Ryan Kim High School Freshman
Sarah Fletcher High School Varsity
Sophia Bigio Select
Sophia Flores Travel
Taeler Babcock Select
Tyler Coyne High School Freshman
Yang Luu Select
Zach McMillan Select
*= All-League Team